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I was trying to edit the registry on an old Windows Small Business Server 2003 and the DOS prompt, right click, run as administrator, regedit gave me the same lack of permission error . I tried several different things like verify I am logged in as administrator, check permissions etc with no success. I then tried to do the regedit without first right click run as administrator permission and then everything worked. Apparently the right click run as administrator is different than the login as administrator then run regedit normally.


Before we get started on why you shouldn’t download Dynamic Link Library files from the Internet, let’s first take a look at what DLL files are. DLL files are a lot like executable files, except that DLL files cannot be directly executed in Windows. In other words, you can’t double-click a DLL file to run it the same way you would an EXE file. Instead, DLL files are designed to be called upon by other apps.

The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value

When chkdsk is run without options, it runs in Read Only mode and reports on the overall health of the filesystem on the specified partition. This is a good scan to run on your disk partitions as a routine maintenance of your disks. If the scan check results in finding an issue with the filesystem, then running or scheduling a run of chkdsk /f will then attempt to fix the found error.

  • Restart your computer again and let Windows reinstall the device correctly.
  • In summary, your best bet is to use Auslogics Driver Updater to download them automatically with one click.
  • Write the correct SQL statement to delete a table called Persons.
  • This may install a large number of packages, depending on the current configuration of your host machine.

If one wishes to remove the application, it is possible to simply delete the folder belonging to the application. This will often not remove configuration settings which are stored independently from the application, usually within the computer’s ! Boot.Choices or potentially anywhere on a network fileserver. The registry is not a single large file; instead, it’s a set of discrete files called hives .

Deactivating an environment

We recommend you reset your Windows 11 PC using this guide from us. A reset can help you start from scratch and set up your PC based on your preferences. A reset will also refresh system files and services which should help fix most issues in the process. The selected program will now be uninstalled from your system. If the program has a dedicated uninstaller, you can follow the on-screen instructions to remove the program from your PC. Continue removing additional programs that you suspect are causing issues with your PC.

Fix 8. Re-install the software

In case you are wondering, PowerShell also blocks any attempt to perform a scope level policy override. In the screenshot below, I listed the execution policies that are in effect for each scope and then attempted to change the policy for a specific scope. The same thing happens if I try to set the execution policy to Bypass. Now, double click on the Turn On Script Execution policy setting, and you will be allowed to configure it.

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August 7, 2022

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, August 

Microsoft today released updates to fix a record 141 security vulnerabilities in its Windows operating systems and related software. Once again, Microsoft is patching a zero-day vulnerability in the Microsoft Support Diagnostics Tool (MSDT), a...