Your Cyber Security is Our Mission

Future Finger Technologies is an Information Security R&D startup, providing cutting edge Information Security & Data Analytics solutions. We count among our clients the biggest corporate entity in the country apart from some of the most sensitive and critical organizations in Government of India. With more than 100+ customers using our Information Security and Data Analytics solutions

Reduce your Business Risk


of Cyber Attacks target SMBs. We monitor your environment 24/7 365 days a year to protect you from malware like Ransomware, Phishing attacks and more.

Prevent Revenue Loss


Cyber Security and Digital Data Protection Concept. Icon graphic interface showing secure firewall technology for online data access defense against hacker, virus and insecure information for privacy.

is the average cost of cyber breach for SMB. We thwart this and save you money with cost-effective security options.

Guard your Business’s Reputation

A breach can destroy your clients trust in you in an instant. We help your business take great efforts to safe guard their information.

Enabling Business Differentiator

While other businesses are cutting corners on security, your business can Standout from the pack and uphold your customers trust.

Discover how Managed Cyber Security Services can enhance your business
Added security without added headcount

… because your IT staff have enough to worry about.

All businesses need 24/7 cyber security, but resources are hard to get and costly.

Our round the clock managed security service adds security without your business adding headcount.

Evenings, weekends, sick days and vacations, we got your back!

Single-pane-of-glass management

You get a comprehensive view of your cyber security operations in one place. Come experience the deficiency and cost savings your business can benefit from.

Protection from Ransomware:

Every 11 seconds a business gets hit with a ransomware attack.

Basic anti-virus software doesn’t stand a chance against advanced ransomware.

Our next-gen security solutions minimize the risk from ransomware.

Destress from the cyber threats and focus on your business.

You cannot protect what you cannot see

Gain visibility in your business environment.

With application control, TLS/SSL decryption, cloud visibility, Data Loss Prevention. Uncover hidden threats that may be lurking in your business undetected.