GDITL Tower NSP Pitampura
North West Delhi (INDIA) 110034

Game Development Services

Mobile Game Art, Design, & Animation

The only question that truly matters here is, what makes art “sticky?”

Character design? Costumes? The symbols and micro details that make each frame a masterpiece? We say, all of it. Our art designers focus on three key performance indicators:

  • Building worlds that capture magnitude, scale, and entertainment
  • Directing art for mobile games that stand out in the Google Play Store and App Store
  • Capturing the full extent of the user’s imagination with graphics, immersive design systems, and multi-dimensionality

Our goal is to help you bring to life category-defining mobile games and assets, be it 2D, 3D or isometric, mobile game art design and animation.

UI/UX Logic Design & Execution

Building the logic for the UI/ UX for a game depends entirely on how well your designers and developers understand storytelling, human cognition, and spatial design.

The UI/UX design team at Juego lies at the heart of our operations. We come with decades of experience building, optimizing, and fine-tuning design principles, guidelines, and best practices.

With one eye on research and the other on technology, our design and UI/UX teams work as SMEs in delivering captivating, subtle, and functional flows that interact with users with sensibility and empathy.

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